Nader Gendy – Geotechnical Engineer

For over 15 years I have been working for engineering consulting companies – about 13 years in Canada; Surrey, Burnaby, Edmonton, and Kamloops, and 2 years in Egypt. I have a university degree in Civil Engineering and am registered as a professional engineer in the province of BC (PEng. with APEGBC). I have always worked with construction QC/QA – that included working as a construction field engineer or a field geotechnical engineer. I have performed onsite inspections and in-the-office design and planning. I supervised daily operations of crews and contractors; also trained and supervised new hired engineers and technicians.

I have designed and inspected soil for shallow and deep foundations, reinforced soil for retaining walls (MSE), trenches and earth slopes, anchored walls, tailing ponds and water reservoirs, highways, and pavements. At the end of projects, I submitted the technical completion report to the government officials or senior engineers.

I have designed helical piles for deep foundations for residential and commercial applications. I have supervised installation of helical piles and directed installers to follow the industry regulations.

I am willing and able, to spend prolong time in field conditions, which include adverse weather conditions and rough terrain; I have a valid Driving Licence, Class 5 from the province of British Columbia, for driving site vehicles including pickups, snowmobiles, and quads; I am able to travel by Airplane /Helicopter; I am willing to live in remote camps for 20/7 or 14/7 rotations or as per site requirements.